iOS Mobile App Development

We can develop your iOS mobile app in a way that captures the essence of your business while increasing your qualified audience.

What are the Benefits of
iOS Mobile App Development?


Popularity / Recognition

Apple products reign supreme within the United States, so if your target market is more national than global, iOS mobile app development is the right fit for your business. The popularity of Apple mobile devices amongst American consumers allows you to target more specific regions where there is a high volume of these products. The developers at Blue Fountain Media understand the significance of the iOS platform and can construct a mobile app that reflects your business, while still remaining competitive amongst other apps being built on this operating system and launched into the Apple marketplace. Based off of the popularity and recognition of Apple software, we can build and market your mobile app to the demographics and influencers that your business wants to reach.


The iOS software provides a mobile development option that has a reliable reputation. There are fewer devices that the app needs to support, creating less fragmentation for developers when it comes to building and testing the app. Apple’s frequent updates allow users to have the most recent system on their mobile devices at all times. This also means that there are fewer versions of the software that your mobile app needs to be compatible with. The stability that iOS provides allows developers to spend more time focusing on individual elements of the construction and quality assurance of the mobile app, rather than having to resize and restructure it for different software versions and numerous devices. Our developers can utilize this stability to build a secure platform that is exclusive to you and your business.


Rankings and Reviews

iOS mobile apps rely heavily on user input. The rankings that measure the popularity of apps in the App Store take the ratings and reviews from customers into account, in addition to the number of daily downloads. This user-generated strategy allows for a more reliable measuring system when it comes to determining the success of your mobile app once it has been launched into the market. It also lets your business tap into the opinions and reactions of customers who can use this forum to comment and critique the app itself. This is a great tool that developers use in making updates and adjustments to mobile apps to ensure their continued success. Our developers are prepared to maintain your mobile app, and make the necessary changes to constantly improve the platform, in order to keep up with customer demand and remain competitive in the market.

Design & Development

Apple users have come to have high expectations in the quality of the design and functionality of their mobile apps and mobile devices. However, the frequent updates throughout the system allow developers to focus on optimizing your platform to support the latest version of iOS. Rather than needing your app to work with a number of different devices and versions of software, your iOS app will still have a broad reach amongst customers, without losing any quality. This also allows for smaller development cycles and testing times that allows developers to focus on the look and feel of the mobile app, and spend more time getting it ready for the market. Our developers work to create a mobile app that can match the expectations of iOS users, and manage it over time to reflect the evolving market.



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