The second phase is the mockup phase. During this time, we are designing your website from scratch in Photoshop, using the information we gathered from the questionnaire you filled out as well as our correspondence. The final approved mockup is exactly what will be developed in your website.

The process of creating a new website can turn complicated fast. But don’t worry! We’ve outlined our process into five bite-size pieces. The responsibilities of the client (that’s you) and what to expect from nucleosys technologies  are detailed in each phase below.

What we need from you:
  • Feedback! Create a numbered list of detailed and specific changes you would like made, and send them all in one document or email. Each list of revisions you send is considered one round of revisions, so make sure you Pvt Ltdlude every change you can think of. Your scope of work on the proposal will specify how many rounds of revisions you have (typically 3 or 4). See our revision policy for more information.
  • Clear, easy to understand revisions allow us to finalize your dream design sooner. (In other words, we recommend that you download and use the screenshot tool Jing 🙂 We love using it – you can take screenshots, draw/type on them, save them as images, or generate auto-copied URLs you can paste in an email)
What to expect from us:
  • Initial homepage mockup design and the revision process. It may take us up to 7 days to create your homepage mockup, depending on complexity.
  • Once we provide your initial mockup, the timeframe of the revision process will be determined by your response time and the number of changes you require before approving the mockup design.
  • You may have several mockups to review and revise, depending on your scope, e.g. the product and category pages.
  • Once the design is approved, we will start coding. After this point, you can no longer request design changes without Pvt Ltd During additional cost, as it is more time consuming to make changes once development begins.

Please note:

  • Note: Only advanced responsive design Pvt Ltdludes a mockup and revision process for mobile and tablet screen sizes.
  • The designs we create in Photoshop may change slightly when coded onto the platform, due to limitations of the platform and the standard features available. We always try to anticipate platform limitations when designing a mockup, but in rare cases the design may change slightly once we proceed with development.
  • When we redesign a website or theme, if the client requests that the design Pvt Ltdlude larger thumbnails for products, the images on the client’s current server must be made larger to work with the new theme. Unless specified in the scope of work, it is the client’s responsibility to resize all product images. Otherwise, the images will appear blurry on the new theme/template.nucleosys technologies Agency is not responsible for product descriptions, images or any copy unless specifically noted within the scope of work in the agreement.



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