CodeIgniter Development

At Nucleosys Technologies, our developer squad possesses special technical skills and accelerates your business enterprise through the development of facet rich CodeIgniter applications. We creates clean and enhanced web application for empowering web existence of your business.

What are the Benefits of
CodeIgniter Development?



With the amount of resources and support available, it takes very little time to complete any CodeIgniter website development project while working with this framework. Time saved is money saved. As well as it is open source. You would not have to pay a huge bill if you hire our developers to get your project done from scratch. With our skilled team of developers and accessibility of resources, we strive to provide you with high-quality delivery.


With Model View Controller, it makes your applications secure, fast, reusable and consisting of independent modules. This helps you change the various innovative and illustrative concepts that the users may come up with. By using this framework you can change those concepts to actual applications. The biggest benefit of using CodeIgniter is that you can create web solutions that offer a level of competence unlike anything else. This way, you are also able to provide effective services to your users.


SEO Friendly

The coding used in CodeIgniter is streamlined and consistent. This is optimal for search engines to be able to easily read and index any piece of content that you add to your site. Our agency can work with you to determine which targeting opportunities would be the best fit for your business, and execute these efforts through the content throughout your website. Each page you create can be optimized to target a specific word or phrase through title tags, Meta descriptions, and other features that are clearly defined through the CodeIgniter content management system. Optimizing your website for search and providing visitors with a positive experience will result in your business receiving more relevant traffic, ranking higher than competitors, and getting discovered by qualified visitors.


Websites developed using CodeIgniter frameworks are more secure. Since they use custom code, it is more difficult to breach their security. Most frameworks also have built-in functions for encrypting and protecting against common vulnerabilities including SQL Injection, Cross Site Scripting (XSS), and Cross Site Request Forgery (CSRF).



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