Support Ticket System Software

Support Ticket System Software To automate workflow team leader, group leader, IT Manager, and Support Engineer. The objective of develop ticket automation system is mainly the find out perfect downtime of each resource by department wise and category wise issue and calculate the performance of IT support engineer. So, we develop the system with latest Microsoft technology dot net core.

Creating Your Path From Vision To Implementation

Admin Dashboard

An admin dashboard in a support ticket system software provides a centralized interface for administrators or system administrators to manage and monitor various aspects of the system. The admin dashboard allows administrators to view and manage support tickets. 

New Joinee Admin

A “New Joinee Admin” refers to a newly hired administrator who is responsible for managing and overseeing the system. This individual would typically be responsible for performing administrative tasks and ensuring the smooth functioning of the support ticket system.


Tickets are individual records or entries that represent Employee inquiries, issues, or requests for support. They serve as a means of tracking and managing Employee interactions throughout the support process.

Exit from Admin

Exiting from the admin role in a support ticket system software typically involves either logging out of the software or switching to a different user account with a different role.

IT Admin Tickets

IT admin tickets are specific types of tickets that are typically handled by IT administrators or technical support teams within an organization.

Workflow Automation

Workflow Automation refers to the design, execution, and automation of processes based on workflow rules where human tasks, data or files are routed.

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The application mainly includes three types of Tickets
1. IT Ticket 2. Employee new joiner process Ticket 3. Employee Exit Ticket Process

Nucleosus Tech Support Ticket System Software According to Ticket type there is a different flow
1.Create ticket 2.Assign automatically ticket to GL (Group Lead) 3.After approval of GL assign ticket automatically to ITM (IT Manager) 4.IT Manager with decide the support engineer and assign ticket to engineer 5.In this whole process we calculated each person action time with his activity and calculated the process time of each resource.

New Joiner Ticket:-
1 Its the employee joining process automation ticket. 2 Hr. create a ticket and ticket assign automatic to related project Lead. 3 Project Lead suggests required software’s and approve the ticket. 4 It Manager assign that ticket to ITE and ITE work on that ticket and update the status. Similarly, Admin department process employee documents and verifications.
3Employee Exit ticket:-
It is similar like a joining process only vice versa actions perform on Ticket for employee exit process.

Other Features


  • Create User
  • Manage User
  • Edit User
  • Delete User


  • Create Permission
  • Manage Permission
  • Edit Permission
  • Delete Permission


  • Designations
  • Role Permissions
  • Departments
  • Category


  • Report Category wise
  • Report Month
  • Report Particular Engineer
  • New Joinee Report
  • Exit Report
  • Show Stopper Report
  • Department wise Report
  • Analysis By IT Department

Questions Asked For Support Ticket System Software

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A support ticket system software is a Software that organizations use to manage and track Employee inquiries, issues, and requests for support. It provides a centralized platform for handling customer support interactions, streamlining communication, and ensuring efficient ticket resolution.

A support ticket system software offers several benefits and is crucial for organizations that provide Employee support.provides a centralized platform to manage  Employee joining,and requests.